Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Scenarios - 01

I'm currently working on possible scenarios for this technology. I'll be posting them here as well. Here is the first one...

Scenario 01
Professional Athlete | Performance enhancer:

An athlete’s body position can make or brake a result. Downhill skiing can be a good example, the slightest mistake during a run can add fractions of a second to the final time which can mean the difference between first or second place. Nowadays the analysis of an athlete’s movement’s is made with images recorded throughout his/hers run. The data acquired with these methods is only visual and not accurate. Aligning a PMAU with GPS technology would allow an athlete’s movements to be analyzed in real time in an specific spot of the track this data could be stored to be latter compared with others. A graphic skeleton representing the athlete would mimic all the movements so the trainer could observe gain or lost of time during certain moves in certain sections of the course. Allowing this way the trainer and athlete to discuss what can be done to improve the performance during the final run.

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