Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hospital Visits

Hospital visit day 1
February, 3rd 2009

On the third of February I had the chance to follow Dr. Nilsson, orthopedist at the Umeå University Hospital, for a morning of exams in different patients. From the six exams observed five were performed in elder women with some kind movement difficulty in different levels and very different body sizes and proportions. Any device intended to aid during these exams must have a very versatile fastening system so it can be placed in a variety of users with different proportions and dimensions. The Sixth exam was performed in a male patient who had been gone through a corrective surgery to straighten his right leg and had stabilizing pins coming out of his leg. He was there to have the pins removed, but in case he had to go through some kind of exam any device used should be able to be positioned considering possible stabilizing pins or the traumatized ares in where they were positioned.

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